Machoffee House Blend
starts from IDR 90.000
Hario V60 Paper Filter 01 (VCF-01-100)
starts from IDR 85.000
Strawberry Fields Arabica Blend
starts from IDR 100.000
Halu Pink Banana
starts from IDR 135.000
Hario Range Server 360ml (XGS-36TB )
only IDR 420.000
Blueberry Cake of Shembati
starts from IDR 150.000
Hario Slim Coffee Grinder (MSS-1B)
only IDR 555.000
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 01 Ceramic Red (VDC-01R)
only IDR 490.000
Hario Filter in Coffee Bottle (FIC-70-MC)
only IDR 555.000
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