Hario Filter in Coffee Bottle (FIC-70-MC)
only IDR 555.000
Hario V60 Tetsu Kasuya Series Dripper 02 (KDC-02)
only IDR 555.000
Hario Slim Coffee Grinder (MSS-1B)
only IDR 555.000
Hario Coffee Server 450ml (VCS-01B)
only IDR 205.000
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 Size 02 Red (VD-02R)
only IDR 100.000
Gayo Apple Cider
starts from IDR 140.000
Nutella of Cerrado
starts from IDR 110.000
Strawberry Fields Arabica Blend
starts from IDR 100.000
Lintong Vanilla Bread
starts from IDR 135.000
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