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Originutt Arabica Blend


Our very first blend will bring you unforgettable coffee experience. We found out that in Indonesia, this kind of flavor is very hard to find while it's quite common abroad. Why? Because this coffee has super sweet nutty complexity with lingering Sweet Honey and Apricot aftertaste so that this coffee is not intimidating even for first time coffee drinkers. Almost everybody agrees with that.

Keeping Originutt at your cafe or your home was like bringing your mechanic friend when you are on road trip, or having your mom by your side when you were a kid at stormy night. This coffee will keep you safe because it's easy to make delicious coffee with this blend.

Blend of: Brazil, Bali, Aceh
Roast Profile: Espresso

Tasting Notes: Nougat, Green Apple, Apricot, Raw Honey, Liquorice, Roasted Peanut

IDR 125.000
Total amount: IDR 125.000
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