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Angin-Angin Berries

Blackberry, Goji Berry, Orange
Last year, coffee samples sent to us led us to know about Yolan Tirta and Toduri Coffee. As we recall, the coffee we got from him sold out within a couple of weeks. Yolan Tirta, with the Toduri Coffee he founded, is an example of how a new generation of coffee farmers is driving the journey of producing exceptionally high quality specialty coffees in several areas of South Sulawesi.

This time the coffee we got from Yolan Tirta comes from Angin-Angin, a village in Enrekang, South Sulawesi with an altitude of 1500 - 1700 meters above sea level. A bit of story, this coffee is sourced from well-cared and well-maintained farms from many other abandoned farms by the farmers due to the past pandemic. Well-cared farms result in more fertile soil and produce the highest quality coffee.

After picking, cherries are sorted and cleaned under running water to minimize the bacteria and eliminate many defects. Then, the cherries are slowly dried for 40 days. After drying, the coffee beans rest for one month before removing the parchment layer. Thanks to the post-harvest process and its variety; S-Line 795, this coffee is packed full of flavors and has a vibrant acidity that reminds us of BLACKBERRY, GOJI BERRY, followed by an ORANGE finish.

Origin: Angin-Angin, Enrekang, South Sulawesi
Producer: Yolan Tirta - Toduri Coffee
Altitude: 1500 - 1700 masl
Process: Natural
Varietal: S-Line 795
Profile Roast: Filter

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