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Banko Gotiti Lavender

Lavender, Rose, Mint
It is indisputable that Ethiopian naturally processed coffees are among the most flavorful and exotic in the world. Lucky us, we find this coffee from Banko Gotiti has a more explosive cup profile than anywhere in Ethiopia. Farming methods in this region remain largely traditional and they have focused on improving their coffee quality.

Farmers selectively handpick cherry and deliver it to Banko Gotiti washing station. At the station, employees hand-sort incoming cherries to remove any under- or over-ripes or damaged cherry. Cherries are then laid to dry in a single layers on raised beds for approximately 21 days. Single layer is applied for even air exposure and reduce surface humidity. Drying cherry is usually covered during the noontime hours to protect it from intense heat and high UV midday sunlight.

This Natural from Banko Gotiti station is bursting with the delicate florals of LAVENDER and ROSE, followed with a burst flavor of MINT. It is a pleasure you can't resist.

Origin: Gotiti, Gedeo, Ethiopia
Farm: Banko Gotiti Washing Station
Altitude: 1870-1980 masl
Variety: JARC Varieties, Local Landraces
Process: Natural
Roast Profile: Filter

IDR 12.500
Total amount: IDR 12.500
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