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Gambung Natural Lemonade

Lemon, White Chocolate, Orange
This coffee is a perfect example of the natural coffee we love. When natural coffee is done well, it should highlight the sweetness, resulting in a rounder and heavier body. Anaerobic fermentation adds a complex and layered taste.

After being fermented, the cherries are dried in the sun for 40 days using the 1-day drying method and then stored in a covered plastic the next day. This method was repeated due to high rainfall and erratic weather. The result is clean, bright acidity in anaerobic natural coffee with a smooth texture and no funky sensation at all. When we cupped it, we got a dominant lemon flavor with orange and white chocolate wrap that has quite high sweetness. You will be pleased!

Origin: Gambung, Ciiwidey, West Java
Producer: Sarekat Kopi
Variety: Ateng
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1400 masl
Profile Roast: Filter

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