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Aeropress by Aerobie Inc

Aeropress Clear
Now available in crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan™️.  Cool enough for display, tough enough for the road. Compact, durable and lightweight so you can pack it in your bag and take it on the road

What's included in AeroPress Clear
Chamber, Plunger, Filter Cap & Seal
Paper Micro-Filters

Aeropress XL
The latest variant of the famous coffee brew, Aeropress, specifically designed to meet the needs of coffee enthusiasts with a larger number of brews. With a larger size than the original version, Aeropress XL provides a larger capacity to prepare a cup of abundant coffee. Can make 1-8 cups of coffee.

What's included
AeroPress XL Chamber, Plunger, Filter Cap & Seal
AeroPress Carafe: Crystal clear, shatterproof, lightweight, and made with Tritan™️ with capacity of 600 mls.
Paper Micro-Filters: Includes 100 replacement AeroPress XL paper micro-filters.
Stirrer: Designed to be the perfect length for the AeroPress XL.

Paper Filter XL
Specifically designed for use ONLY with the AeroPress XL coffee maker. 200 replacement paper micro-filters for the AeroPress XL is included.

Aero Metal Filter
This stainless steel filter is compatible with AeroPress Original, AeroPress Clear and AeroPress Go coffee makers. Not compatible with AeroPress XL coffee maker. Richer coffee is just one press away with our reusable metal coffee filter. It keeps out grounds but allows flavorful oils to pass through for delicious full-bodied coffee. Reusable, sustainable and 100% made in the USA. Ideal for home, office and travel and easy to clean: just rinse & dry or put in dishwasher.

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