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Time Machine Bundling

What if we tell you that from now on you won't need a decent grinder, proper storage, proper kettle, paper filter to brew specialty coffee to its full potential? And also, this coffee can last longer than the typical 2 month 'consume within' time for specialty coffee beans?
We use the latest technology from nitro-flush, hermetic sealing to zero-oxygen environment to ensure that you get the best ready-to-brew coffee by avoiding coffee worst enemy: oxygen.
To put it very simple, we roasted, ground and then we packed this coffee and then they never saw oxygen again until the day you open it.

How to brew time machine

1. Open the drip bag, and tear along the dotted line
2. Shake lightly to level grounds, place hangers onto cup
3. Gently pour hot water through (150 - 180ml)
4. Discard the drip bag, and enjoy your fresh coffee

1. Shake the coffee bag well, tear, and pour ground coffee into cup.
2. Add 150 - 180ml of hot water, wait for 4 minutes.
3. Break the crust, smell the goodness aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
4. Wait until it cools down for around 8-10 minutes, fresh tubruk coffee is ready to drink.

1. Shake the coffee capsule
2. Warm your cup by pouring hot water into it
3. Brew 50-60gr of coffee (65-75ml). Lower than 50gr, your coffee will be more intense, and more than 60gr, your coffee will be watery.
4. Enjoy your coffee capsule.

Pembelian Bundling:
- Request jenis kemasan (drip bag/tubruk/capsule) dicantumkan dalam notes/catatan beserta rasa kopi yang dipilih
- Jika tanpa Notes akan kami kirimkan random.
- 1 box time machine berisi 10 pcs

IDR 285.000
Total amount: IDR 285.000
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