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Wamena Walnut

Roasted Walnut, Cacao Nibs, Brown Sugar
This beautiful coffee comes from Walakma, a village in Bpiri District, Wamena. Coffee plantations in Wamena are hidden and widespread in the area around Indonesia's highest mountain valley, Jayawijaya, the only place in Indonesia that still has snow on its peak. The farms are located at an altitude between 1900 - 2300 meters above sea level. Its geographical and climatic conditions promote the ideal growth of coffee plants with the potential for a distinctive and special flavor. Most coffee in Wamena is processed semi-washed or washed, although nowadays natural processes are also being carried out by farmers.

The farms are managed traditionally and organically and dominated by a single variety, Typica, which is still widely found in Papuan coffee farms. This coffee is washed processed to showcase its distinctive origin characteristics, and to get a sweet and clean cup profile.

A single Typica variety washed coffee really gets us mesmerized. It is clean and sweet and has a dominant BROWN SUGAR, featured with a delicate CACAO NIBS, and complemented with a thick mouthfeel like ROASTED WALNUT. If you are looking for sweet and less acidic coffee, it is yours. Enjoy the calmness.

Origin: Walakma, Bpiri, Wamena
Altitude: 1900 - 2100 masl
Variety: Typica
Process: Washed
Roast Profile: Filter

IDR 10.000
Total amount: IDR 10.000
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