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Marmalade, Strawberry, Sugarcane
Referred to as the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill, Uganda boasts mist-shrouded volcanic mountains, glacier-capped peaks, and rolling fertile hills. Fast recognized as a high-quality and distinctive coffee-producing region. This coffee comes from Kingha Collective in Kanungu District, Uganda, which also operates as a washing station for small coffee farmers in the area. The washing station is owned by Kingsley Griffin, who also operates his own coffee farm, Kingha Estate. Along with growing great coffee, Kingsley is focused on improving the income and livelihood of Ugandan coffee farmers. He believes in giving back to the community by providing clothing, school supplies, and best practices for coffee growers in the area.

Processed Natural, cherries are delivered directly to the drying stations and then laid out on the bed in specific layers, depending on the level of fermentation the producer wants to achieve. The varieties developed by Scott Laboratory in Kenya contribute to its complex fruit, bright acidity, and exceptional sweetness. We are super excited to share this coffee with you. It is sweet and elegant like MARMALADE, and has a juicy body with STRAWBERRY notes, followed by a long and sweet SUGARCANE.

Origin: Bwingi, Kinungo, Uganda
Producer: Kingsley Griffin
Altitude: 1300 - 1500 masl
Varieties: SL-14, SL-34, SL-28
Process: Natural

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