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Tricolate® The Next Gen (Ver.3) - No Bypass Filter Coffee Dripper

What is different about Tricolate The Next Gen from the previous?

They took every one of its three parts and refined them.

Filter Plate

Tricolate made the filter plate into one part with the main chamber of the brewer. Creating a unibody design that preserves the strength whilst minimizing the contact surface area of the paper filter. The paper filter now floats on six one millimeter concentric circular rails this reduction in resistance means that water is able to pass through the coffee bed as freely as possible. Now we are able to achieve a higher level of clarity, efficiency, and uniformity when brewing coffee.

Shower Screen

The goal of the shower screen is to reduce agitation and the chance of water droplet erosion. In order to achieve this, they had to design an aggressive stood pattern. This takes any given water input not only spreads it evenly across the surface of the coffee but also divides it into small droplets. Thus minimizing agitation.

They designed a brewer from the ground up. The tricolate is a no bypass brewer that brews coffee and extracts coffee in a remarkable way. The fact that we are able to use less coffee and still extract the most phenomenal unique flavors is something that the tricolate has become known for. The goals for tricolate have never really changed. We all want simplicity; if it does not need to be there then it is not there. We all want high consistency and high extraction, and maximum flavor all the time. Then this means moving forward, and this means evolution. This is the next generation.

What makes Tricolate different?
- Eliminates uneven input whilst brewing
- Better coverage
- No more high and dry coffee grounds
- Extract more coffee
- No need for an expensive goose neck kettle

What’s Included:
1 x Tricolate The Next Gen Dripper
100 x Paper Filter Made In Germany
1 x Container

IDR 275.000
Total amount: IDR 275.000
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