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Gayo Apple Cider

Apple, Pineapple | Kiwi | Raspberry | Caramel | Red Wine
This coffee is our attempt at doing non-conventional coffee processing: anaerobic cherry maceration. If not carefully done, this process can be a disaster resulting in coffee with an over-fermented flavor, something you can relate to decayed fruits. But if it's done correctly, it can be magic: adding complexity to the fruitiness and enhancing sweetness and body.

We've had this coffee since 2018, and are amazed that it's getting better and more consistent. The special thing about this year's crop is that this coffee comes from a micro-lot. Coffee cherries are collected by 4 farmers and come from an area of 8 hectares. The yield was relatively small but the coffee produced exceeded our expectations of this coffee before. We get this coffee much sweeter, richer in aroma and taste, with higher clarity of the flavor, and more complex acidity.

A lot of our customers told us that this coffee was their "first love" in coffee. This means that before they try this coffee, they can never drink the coffee black without adding sugar or milk. This coffee is so perfect for people who are not used to drinking black coffee because it's so sweet in aroma and taste. Try it yourself!

Origin: Gayo Highland, Central Aceh
Altitude: 1250 masl
Varietal: Tim-Tim & Bourbon
Process: Anaerobic Cherry Maceration
Roast Profile: Filter

Notes: Apple, Pineapple, Kiwi, Raspberry, Caramel, Red Wine

IDR 10.000
Total amount: IDR 10.000
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