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Halu Wine 1696


This coffee became everyone's favorite when we released it 2 years ago. It has become one of the most anticipated coffees by home brewers, we are no exception.

We named this process as Extended Yeast Cherry Fermentation. The cherries are fermented with the addition of a yeast called Premier Cuvee (commonly used in Sparkling Wine and Champagne) in airtight bags for 10 days. It takes a longer time for fermentation to give the desired results. This type of fermentation makes yeast activity more active than bacteria, resulting in dominant fruity notes and better quality of body in this coffee.

This year's harvest showcased much improvement in flavor quality. When we cupped this coffee, it had a complex layered fruitiness, rounded and heavy body with a long and sweet aftertaste. Definitely a funky coffee with quality. You will get the spark of Red Wine, layered by sweet Moscato. Complemented by texture of Molasses at the finish. This coffee is perfectly suited for you who love experiencing natural coffee with unique and intense flavors.

Origin: Gununghalu, West Java
Altitude: 1500 masl
Varietal: Typica & Sigararutang
Process: Extended Yeast Cherry Fermentation
Roast profile: Best for Filter

IDR 75.000
Total amount: IDR 75.000
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