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Halu Pink Banana

Banana, Peach, Caramel

Halu or GunungHalu is a coffee producing region in West Java that before 2018 is unknown to most of coffee people. When we first tasted this coffee, we are surprised by the unexpected sweet, soft, elegant and aromatic characteristics of the coffee. From that point of time, our obsession about this coffee is started.

Our first trip to GunungHalu is like a magical and mystical journey. When we first visited the region, we felt a very nuanced atmosphere that we found very hard to describe. We felt mystically connected. From the very high altitude that almost inaccessible by car, wild grown coffee trees to a humid and misty forest. We felt like walking in Eden Garden. Every trees there was very lush.

Because of the climate, coffee trees there grown very slowly. This slow growth makes the coffee cherry absorb more from the trees, soil and surrounding nature thus the unique flavour. A very minimal human interaction also contributes to the magic of this coffee.

This experience changed us. This coffee also changed us, and a lot of coffee drinkers in Indonesia too. We hope that you can also experience the magical and mystical quality of this coffee.

Origin: Gununghalu, West Java, Indonesia
Producer: Deni Ramdani, Sarekat Kopi
Altitude: 1600 MASL
Varietal: Sigararutang, Typica, P-88, Ateng
Process: Honey
Roast profile: Filter Roastr

Tasting notes:
Banana, Peach, Caramel

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