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Halu Pink Banana

Coffee That Changed Indonesia's Coffee Scene

This year's Halu is a blessing in disguise, here's why...

In recent times, the coffee industry has faced many challenges. High rainfall leads to crop failure so productivity decreases. On the other hand, the demand for coffee is increasing so that the price is getting higher.

This also impacts our partner processor of Halu Pink Banana, our best-selling coffee since 2018. So we have no option but to release this coffee in a very small limited quantities. This coffee in your hand is one of them.

But thanks to the high rainfall, most of this year's crop yields from Typica varietal, one of the original varietal direct from the birthplace of coffee: Ethiopia.

Why does it matter?

Because Typica only grows well above 1600 masl and yield very small quantities, the qualities of this year Halu's crop is just incomparable. Complex and beautiful acidity like WHITE PEACH with a sweetness like BANANA. We are proud to say that this year's crop is the best in 5 years.

It reminds us of our first crop of GunungHalu named Halu Asian Peach but with the addition of Banana sweetness.

So, are you ready to taste it?

Origin: Gununghalu, West Java
Altitude: 1600 MASL
Varietal: Typica
Process: Honey
Roast profile: Filte Roastr

Tasting notes:
Banana, White Peach Sorbet, Rojak, Specialty Chocolate

IDR 10.000
Total amount: IDR 10.000
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