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Machoffee House Blend

Dark Chocolate | Roasted Walnut | Blackstrap Molasses | Tiramisu
No doubt, Machoffee is the first choice we offer for people who ask for our strongest, boldest coffee but still comfortable to enjoy. We loved this coffee so much. Glad to know that finally, it was also their favorite.

We liken Machoffee to a tough guy with a tender heart. He has this kind of intimidating impression at first, but when you have known them for some time, you will start to understand them and see their appealing side. You will get a thick body, dark chocolate, and savory cereal when you first sip it. Then you will taste a creamy texture and a soft bittersweet finish.

Machoffee is a blend of Brazil Cerrado arabica and Temanggung fine robusta. This combination creates the sweetness of dark chocolate, roasted walnut, blackstrap molasses, and a smooth tiramisu finish. It is such a perfect representation of simple classic coffee, sweet and balanced. This coffee is the right choice if you do not want to bother choosing beans for black coffee, milk-based, or your flavored drink. Give it a try!

Blend of: Brazil Cerrado arabica and Temanggung Fine Robusta

Roast Profile: Espresso
Dark chocolate
Roasted walnut
Blackstrap molasses

Acidity: Citric and phosphoric
Body: Creamy
Aftertaste: Long and sweet

IDR 10.000
Total amount: IDR 10.000
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