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Tilu Tamarind

Tamarind | Lemon | Stone Fruit | Hint of Almond | Hint of Pistachio
Who misses this coffee? In this early year, we get this coffee that is honey processed and fermented with fruit enzymes.

We bring back Tilu Tamarind with a little different touch. This time, the producer chose to work on the classic honey process and in larger quantities. The result was amazing, we got all the things we expected from honey processed coffee. This coffee tastes sweet and fruity like natural processed coffees but it’s also very clean as we usually find in washed coffee. You’ll easily find tamarind, lemon, and stone fruit, both in the aroma and flavor. Followed by hints of almond and pistachio when it’s cooling down with a long and sweet aftertaste.

We offer this coffee in the midst of a large number of experimental processes. We're sure that the classic honey-processed coffee remains a lot of fans, and so do we. It will be the best choice to meet your daily caffeine needs. Enjoy!

Origin : Gunung Tilu, Pengalengan, West Java
Variety : Sigararutang, Lini S
Process : Honey
Altitude : 1430 masl
Roasting Profile: Filter

Stone Fruit
Hint of Almond
Hint of Pistachio

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