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Sidra El Diviso

Sidra is a new hybrid varietal, made of Red Bourbon and Typica, and combines characteristics of these two varieties. It has acquired the sweetness and the body of Red Bourbon and the bright taste and acidity of Typica. Sidra has become increasingly popular over the past several years, mainly because of its high cup quality and recently brought by competitors in the coffee championship around the world.

This amazing coffee was produced by Nestor and Adrian Lasso, grandsons of Jose Uribe Lasso, founder of the El Diviso farm. El Diviso farm is located near the municipality of Pitalito, south-west of Colombia, in the Huila coffee region. It is between 1,750 and 1,800 meters and has ideal conditions for growing specialty coffees.

This particular lot is processed by following strict fermentation protocols. Ripe cherries are hand-picked and then allowed to rest in an open tube for 12 hours at an average room temperature of 25°c. Next, they go through anaerobic fermentation in bags for 50 hours, maintaining an average temperature of 16 to 18°C. The cherries are then transferred into tanks, carrying out a 20-hour oxidation, allowing them to reach a maximum temperature of 42°C. The cherries are then placed in 50-kilo bags to start an anaerobic fermentation for 30 hours at temperatures between 16 and 20°C. They are then transferred into tanks, submerged in water at 45°C, adding a mother culture or "Lixiviados” from the previous harvest, and recirculating for 18 hours.

The drying phase is started under canopies on raised beds, at a maximum temperature of 32°C. The initial phase is interrupted at 18% moisture content, transferring the cherries into black bags in a cellar without light. They are left to rest for 60 hours, then are transferred back to the drying beds, until reaching 11% moisture content. The coffee is then ready to be pulped and bagged.

This Bourbon Sidra has gone through special processing using a coffee cherry juice called Mossto. Mossto juice is made from the pulping of coffee cherries which is used to steep and ferment freshly picked coffee cherries. Its use in coffee processing is still in the early stages, however, it has been found to enhance and promote fermentation through the introduction of additional microbiomes and sugars into the fermentation medium. This hyper fermentation comes with many risks, however when micro-managed and controlled intricately, the flavor benefits are undeniable.

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Region: Huila
Farm: El Diviso
Producer: Nestor & Adrian Lasso
Altitude: 1650-1800 masl
Varietal: Sidra
Process: Natural Multiple Fermentation
Roast Profile: Best for Filter

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