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Oldman Soju

Rojak, Strawberry, Lychee, Cherry Tomato
We got this experimental coffee from Mr. Deni, our producer partner in Sarekat Kopi, and sourced from Mount Patuha, Rancabali at an altitude of 1500 masl. It comes from the same farm as our coffee Oldman Koji and The Pink Mandarin. The extremely interesting thing about this coffee is that Soju Yeast is added along the fermentation process. It creates a unique, exciting, and delicious flavor.

Cherries are handpicked by the farmers and then delivered to the producer in the processing area. Cherries then sorted to remove under-ripe beans and went to controlled fermentation with the addition of Soju Yeast for 72 hours. Cherries are then pulped and applied with another Soju Yeast and then dried in the sun to reach 11-12% moisture.

When appropriately prepared, the Soju Yeast fermentation results in a balanced flavor profile; not too acidic, gives more sweetness, boosts lots of fruit flavor, and has a lighter and thin body than Koji or Wine yeast fermentation. Right at the moment of the first sip, you will be reminded of the sweet and sour notes of ROJAK and CHERRY TOMATO. Layered by STRAWBERRY and the lingering sweetness of LYCHEE at the finish. If you are a fan of sweet and balanced coffee, this coffee is just perfect.

Origin: Mount Patuha, Rancabali, West Java
Altitude: > 1500 masl
Variety: Typica, Sigararutang, Ateng-S
Process: Soju Honey Fermentation
Roast Profile: Best for Filter

NB: Tidak bisa digiling

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