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Nebilyer Orange Zest

Rarely recognized in the middle of the specialty coffee scene, Papua New Guinea began to show that their coffee was very promising and had a unique character that was rarely found from other coffee-producing regions. More than 80% of coffee produced in Papua New Guinea is produced by smallholder groups. Working toward innovative solutions led the country to better quality coffee and improved their livelihoods.

This coffee comes from Nebilyer Plantation, owned by James and Rita that combines a focus on high-quality coffee production with a socially-minded enterprise to support sustainability and the future. The Nebilyer Valley is known as a fruit bowl in the Western Highland Province because the soil is very fertile and rich in nutrients. Cherries are selectively handpicked by workers.

Once picked, the cherries are floated to remove any underripes and then pulped. Coffee is fermented in steel bins for 28-30 hours, washed in clean water, and fermented for an additional 48 hours. The parchment is washed again and then soaked for a final 12 hours in clean water. Parchment is laid on raised beds. The parchment is often rotated to ensure even drying. It takes about 5 to 8 days for the parchment to dry.

Because the sugars of the mucilage layer have been removed by fermentation and the washed process, this coffee tends to have a very “clean” flavor, with fresh and bright acidity like ORANGE ZEST, RED CURRANT, layered by distinctive texture and flavor like HAZELNUT. This coffee is most any coffee drinker will find something enjoyable within the cup.

Origin: Nebilyer Valley, Papua New Guinea
Altitude: 1350-1550 masl
Varieties: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
Process: Fully Washed
Roast Profile: Best for Filter

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