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The Hedonist Series - Chiroso Las Flores Colombia

Mint | Cherry | Rosemary
What is The Hedonist Series?

By most definitions, hedonism is considered a lifestyle in which pleasure and happiness are the ultimate goals in life. Therefore, a hedonist is one who seeks pleasure and avoids pain above all else. For centuries, human civilization has been about seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. In fact, it is the most human of inclinations, the perfectly natural desire to attain a simple state of peaceful bliss.

Specifically, The Hedonist Series is all about seeking pleasure and avoiding pain at all costs in coffee. Therefore, the coffee in this series will be exceptional in quality, flavorful, complex in aroma, and rare in quantity. We hope this coffee can help you indulge in the simple pleasure of brewing and a very good cup of coffee.

Chiroso: The Rarest Coffee Varietal?

This rare variety originated from the Competition Microlot in Huila. Chiroso is a mutation of an Ethiopian Landrace originally found in Colombia in the province of Antioquia, Urrao. Chiroso comes from the slang word 'Chiro' which refers to an old, stretched t-shirt, or something that’s slightly elongated. It is a rare variety to find, which stands out both in the appearance of elongated beans as well as its sensory traits.

About Post-harvest Process

Careful selection of cherries is done to ensure optimum maturity for processing. Then, 48-hour oxidation in plastic drums, and fresh cherries then inserted, continued with an anaerobic fermentation process.. Brewer’s yeast obtained from the coffee cherries is added at a 35-degree temperature for 80 hours. Drying starts with mechanical drying for 24 hours at the beginning to fix flavors and then a solar patio for 2 weeks to preserve the physical integrity of the beans. Subsequent control of the atmosphere is followed to obtain the ideal cup profile for this varietal.

The fusion of naturally dried and fresh coffee cherries during processing makes this Colombian coffee extraordinarily complex. This exceptional profile unveils a velvety richness, and elegant Cherry sweetness harmonizing with the gentle herbal Mint, and finished with a hint of Rosemary, offering a truly refined coffee experience.

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Producer: Jhoan Vergara
Variety: Chiroso
Altitude: 1730 masl
Process: Natural, 128-hour Double Fermentation, Duo Cherry Velvet
Roast Profile: Best for Filter

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