Tricolate Oxygen Bleached Paper Filter
only IDR 90.000
Tricolate® The Next Gen (Ver.3) - No Bypass Filter Coffee Dripper
starts from IDR 285.000
Barista Hustle Coffee Cupping Bowl 220 ml
starts from IDR 50.000
Paper Filter For Tricolate™️ Version 2.0 High Efficiency
only IDR 200.000
Timemore Little U French Press 450ml
starts from IDR 245.000


The Ring - Barista Hustle Tools
only IDR 630.000
Barista Hustle Precision Pitcher 400ml
starts from IDR 540.000
Timemore Coffee Scale Basic Plus Mirror Single Sensor
starts from IDR 530.000
Zero Waste Coffee Sifter
starts from IDR 200.000
Illuminating Eye - Space Cupping Spoon
starts from IDR 170.000
Aeropress by Aerobie Inc
only IDR 660.000


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Kalita Wave Dripper 155
only IDR 600.000
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