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The Pink Mandarin

Mandarin Orange | Passion Fruit | Yakult
Fermentation, whether it is controlled or uncontrolled is one of the most important aspect in coffee processing. At first, it is neccesarry to ferment (although not a must) to separate the mucilage from the coffee bean so it can be hulled later on. But eventually, we all learn that fermentation also affect the flavour and aroma of the coffee. It is even believed that coffee without fermentation will be a very boring, bland and bitter beverages.

If we have to say only one thing why this coffee is unique, it is the fermentation. Normally, coffee only needs to be fermented once. But this coffee was fermented three times so it produces a very layered and creamy flavours. This technique is what we called PINK HONEY FERMENTATION because at the end of the fermentation, some of the coffee becomes pinkish in color as a result of the different kind of microbes in each different kind of fermentation.

We are pretty sure you will find this coffee very unique especially in the mandarin orange-like acidity and the creamy texture like yoghurt.

Be surprised.

Origin: Mount Patuha, Rancabali, West Java
Altitude: > 1500 masl
Variety: Typica, Sigararutang, Ateng-S
Process: Pink Honey Fermentation
Roasting Profile: Filter Roast

Mandarin Orange
Passion Fruit

Orange Blossom
Raw Honey

IDR 10.000
Total amount: IDR 10.000
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