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Sakicha Red Strawberry

Strawberry | Coffee Blossom | Dragon Fruit
We are excited to bring you this experimentally processed coffee from Ethiopia. This coffee is the result of experiments in the drying process applied at the Sakicha Washing Station. Located in the Sakicha Village, District of Bule Hora, in West Guji with an altitude of more than 2000 masl. Because Sakicha sits at a higher altitude, its cherries go through a slower maturation level, resulting in a more intense flavor profile of this coffee.

In one of the processing steps, the cherries are placed on plastic sheets on top of the raised beds in piles, up to 15-20 cm thick (hence the name - pile up). Then rolled up in the plastic and they are left to ferment in this way. It is where the controlled fermentation takes place. After this stage, the coffee is processed through a common natural process.

This coffee hits you with strawberry notes and then you’ll find some elderflower and apple notes. Finishes soft yet dynamic with fresh notes of grape, dragon fruit, and coffee blossom. All in all, it is a balanced cup with a fresh and vibrant flavor profile. Thanks to the variety, 74110 and 74112 give a good mixture of balanced acidity and body, and very pronounced floral notes. We are sure that this coffee will attract many coffee lovers. Guaranteed!

Origin: Sakicha, West Guji, Ethiopia
Varieties: 74110, 74112
Process: Pile Up
Altitude: 2155 masl
Profile Roast: Filter

Dragon Fruit
Coffee Blossom

IDR 10.000
Total amount: IDR 10.000
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