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Peru Garmas Gesha - The Hedonist Series

Rosewater | Melon | Apricot
By most definitions, hedonism is considered a lifestyle in which pleasure and happiness are the ultimate goals in life. Therefore, a hedonist is one who seeks pleasure and avoids pain above all else. For centuries, human civilization has been about seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. In fact, it is the most human of inclinations, the perfectly natural desire to attain a simple state of peaceful bliss.

Specifically, The Hedonist Series is all about seeking pleasure and avoiding pain at all costs in coffee. Therefore, the coffee in this series will be exceptional in quality, flavorful, complex in the aroma and rare in quantity. We hope this coffee can help you to indulge in a simple pleasure of brewing and enjoying a very good cup of coffee.

Perú Garmas by Maximiliano Garcia

We were blown away by this beautiful and elegant coffee. This is an exquisite gesha from Maximiliano Garcia, who owned and operated a single farm in the village of El Huabo. Maximiliano started in the coffee business in 1985 when he moved to the province of San Ignacio. He focuses on giving the best quality and chooses the best and most ripe beans in the harvest.

This exotic gesha was processed using the washed fermentation method, where ripe cherries are depulped, removing the fruit skins from the seeds, then fermented before being washed and dried to optimal moisture conditions. The result is a very classical we usually found in the gesha variety, with gentle and sweet aromas of rosewater. In the cup, we find an enticing flavor of apricot, that is elegantly complemented by gentle malic acidity and a pleasing melon on the finish.

Region: San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru
Producer: Maximiliano Garcia
Varietal: Gesha
Elevation: 1710 masl
Process: Fully Washed

Notes: Rosewater, Melon, Apricot

IDR 290.000
Total amount: IDR 290.000
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