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Panama Gesha / Kamala Janson by Space Roastery

It is a collaboration between Catur Coffee Company and Janson Coffee Farm
Jasmine, Apple, Lavender

Janson Estate of Panama is the first farm to process coffee with Indonesian inoculants. Janson Estate grows Green-tip Geishas and has an altitude of 1.350-1.750 MASL, located in Baru Volcano, Chiriqui. Up to 50% of their land is used to cultivate Gesha coffee, which is why they are one of the largest producers of Gesha coffee in Panama.

Catur Coffee Company has a vision to become an Agent of Change in the Indonesian coffee industry. They proudly produce and source consistent coffee at a great price point, create added value by using innovative processing techniques, work with microbiologists to produce proprietary fermented inoculants, and maximize harvesting techniques. The name CATUR, comes from the ancient Sanskrit, meaning “Four”, and it refers to the 4 main flavor profiles. Bumi, Senja, Pucuk, and Kamala.

Kamala's technique is used for this lot #34 – a natural anaerobic process with bacteria-led inoculants applied before fermentation. The goal is to get a full cup of fruity, flavored liquor and it's safe to say Catur and Janson successfully made it. It is such amazing coffee.

Origin: Baru Volcano, Chiriqui, Panama
Processor: Janson Estate and So So Good Coffee Company
Varietal: Green Tip Gesha
Altitude: 1350 – 1750 masl
Process: Anaerobic Natural

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