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Masaguara Vanilla Chocolate

A Representative Flavour of Central America

Honduras is in the 6th rank of coffee producing countries, the biggest in Central America. Meaning that it will be quite tricky to get a high-quality specialty coffee from this country. It also means that there must be some very good coffee from this country if you know how to source. We are quite happy that our friend from Nordic Approach do their job quite nicely to source a unique coffee from Honduras, something that is quite tricky to do but when you do well it will be very rewarding.

We always intrigued by different kind of variety especially when it is not available widely in Indonesia. This variety is unique to Honduras, called IH-90, a hybrid of Caturra and Timor (Catimor) and developed by Instituto Hondureño del Café, aka IHCAFE therefore named IH-90. You can expect a classic flavour of mild washed coffee plus some influence on how they process the coffee.

This coffee is for people who wants to explore imported coffee that is not from Africa. It suits coffee drinkers who are seeking flavours that is not overwhelming and overpowering at all, so that you can enjoy it any time of the day several times. Are you that person?

Origin: Masaguara, Honduras
Altitude: 1600-2000 MASL
Varietal: IH-90 / Catimor
Process: Fully Washed
Roast profile: Filter

Tasting notes: Vanilla, Hint of Coconut, Milk Chocolate, Prune, Fruit Chocolate, Apricot, Raisin

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