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Mahembe Berries Punch

Cranberry | Tomato | Caramel | Camomile
We picked this lot because it's a single variety grown at higher altitudes. The fact is about 95% of Rwanda's coffee plants are high-quality Arabica varietal Bourbon; well known for its sweetness and well balanced flavor profile. While most of the coffee in Rwanda is grown at 1,200 to 1,800 meters above sea level, this coffee comes from the Nyamasheke area which has a great altitude of 1900 masl, it is relatively cooler than other areas in Rwanda and produces higher and greater potential coffees. Compared to Ethiopia and Kenya, Rwanda produces less coffee so they have no choice but to produce the highest quality coffee so they can get a higher price.

The sorted cherries are pulped then go for dry fermentation for about 10-12 hours. The parchment is graded and washed in channels, it is separated into two grades based on density before being soaked under clean water in tanks for 16 hours. The parchment is dried on African drying beds for up to 21 days, covered by a shade net during the hottest hours of the day, at night, and anytime it rains to optimize the drying phase.

This coffee is a perfect example of high-quality Rwandan Coffee, which has some fruit punch Kenyan and floral characteristics that are reminiscent of Ethiopian coffee. When your taste bud hits the cup, it will likely flood your senses with berries like CRANBERRY, TOMATO, lingering CARAMEL sweetness, and a hint of CAMOMILE followed by a slight savory tone.

Origin: Nyamasheke, Mahembe, Rwanda
Producer: Justin Musabyimana
Altitude: 1950 masl
Process: Washed
Varietal: Red Bourbon

IDR 12.500
Total amount: IDR 12.500
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