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Halu Red Peach


For us, Mount Halu is one of the best place to plant coffee in Indonesia. The soil and micro climate are so perfect like it was made for planting coffee. No wonder coffee trees in Mount Halu looks so healthy and happy thus producing high yield with high quality coffee every year. It is rare to find this level of quality with such a relatively low price.

This Naturally Processed coffee is the experimental process from our best seller: Halu Pink Banana (Yellow Honey). We believe by putting emphasise more on the natural flavour of the cherry itself can bring to light so many qualities yet undiscovered in the other processes.

If you like our Halu Pink Banana, you should try this one.

Origin: Mount Halu, West Java
Altitude: 1500 MASL
Varietal: Sigararutang
Process: Natural
Roast profile: Filter

Tasting notes:
Strawberry, Peach, Ripe Banana, Cola's Caramel, Carambola, Hint of Durian

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