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Garut Sweet Nectarine

Nectarine, Mandarin Orange, Green Apple
Luckily we never ran out of the selection of coffees we got from the coffee samples we received. This time, we got coffee from Garut, West Java. One thing we believe about West Java is that it always presents interesting coffees.

This coffee is produced from micro-lot by Kang Ari, a farmer and processor who focuses on improving the quality of coffee from his own farm while empowering smallholder farmers around his neighborhood. After picking, the coffee cherries are sorted and cleaned to minimize bacteria, then fermented into a controlled anaerobic tank with the addition of yeast for 5-6 days. The cherries are dried for 6 days, then the cherries are put in dry plastic for fermentation for about 3 days. After fermentation, the cherries are again dried in the sun until it reaches 11% water content before being hulled and hand sorted. Through this post-harvest process, the goal is to develop the complex acidity, high sweetness, and create a creamy texture that you will find in this coffee.

Thanks to the fermentation and the varieties, we are sure you will find this coffee very unique, especially with its complex acidity and creamy texture. You will love it!

Origin: Gunung Mandalagiri, Cikeris, Garut
Altitude: 1300-1500 masl
Process: Natural Hydro Fermentation
Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Typica, Lini-S
Roast Profile: Filter

Notes: Nectarine, Mandarin Orange, Green Apple, Watermelon, Raw Honey

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