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Ethiopia Kelloo Blossom

When you want something sweet and floral, you can't go wrong with coffee from Yirgacheffe. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee beans are bright and beautiful. Everyone knows and believes that. This coffee from Wote, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, has complex and layered notes such as orange blossom, and chrysanthemum, especially in the aroma. When you taste it, you will be reminded of the acidity of bergamot with the sweetness of honey.

We are quite sure that this coffee will become a favorite of many coffee drinkers. This coffee is absolutely delicious and refreshing with juicy fruit, great sweetness, and floral aromas. This is a coffee to take your time over and savour. We hope you enjoy this heavenly coffee as much as we do.

Farm & Origin: Haru, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Flavour Profile: Kelloo
Varietal: 74112, 1377
Process: Washed
Altitude: > 1800 masl

Tasting notes:
Orange Blossom
Rock Sugar

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