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Breakfast at Thiago's

Dried Strawberry | Almond | Granola | Mixed Berries
We know that Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of coffee. Brazil is also known for producing stable, consistent coffees with a certain profile; milk chocolate and nutty that are cheap. Many say that their coffee is more suitable for espresso than filtered coffee. We got this beautiful coffee and we want to show you what Brazilian coffees can be when producers make enough to be able to invest in production and focus on quality.

This amazing coffee is produced by Cleber Thiago. He managed Cachoeirinha, a farm that sits within the Mantiqueira Mountains. They are producing natural coffee, which means they dry the whole cherry. For their specialty lot, drying is done on uncovered raised beds. In addition to the classic character typical of Brazilian coffee; chocolate and nuts, we also get bright red fruit flavor characters, such as strawberry, mixed berries candy when we cupped and brewed this coffee with various brewing methods. It reminds us of the kind of breakfast of Brazilian people. Their breakfast meal typically consists of whole fruits and smoothies, coupled with steamed cornmeal, cheese, meat sandwiches, and a cup of coffee, for sure.


Origin: Mantequira de Minas, Brazil
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon, Catuai
Processing: Extended Fermentation Natural
Altitude: 1350 masl

Tasting Notes

Dried Strawberry
Mixed Berries

IDR 85.000
Total amount: IDR 85.000
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