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Sakicha Purple Grape

Grape | Elderflower | White Chocolate
What do you expect from an extended natural Ethiopian coffee? What you will get in this coffee might be the answer. Comes from Sakicha washing station, located in the Sakicha Village, District of Bule Hora, in West Guji with an altitude of more than 2000 masl. Because Sakicha sits at a higher altitude, its cherries go through a slower maturation level, resulting in a more intense flavor profile of this coffee.

This coffee is fermented anaerobically to produce appealing sweetness and juicy mouthfeel. We love the uniqueness and expressive flavor of fruit as a result of the anaerobic fermentation in this coffee. The name of the varieties, 74110 and 74112 refer to the year they were cataloged in 1974. Well known for a good mixture of balanced acidity and body, and very pronounced floral notes. This coffee is highly expressive and uncommon, totally different from your usual Ethiopian coffee. It is a complex layer of flavor and aroma. Upon grinding, you will straightforwardly get jasmine, elderflower, and grape. Followed by strawberry, bright lemon, and white chocolate in the flavor. The combination of the aroma and flavor is truly a match made in heaven.

Origin: Sakicha, West Guji, Ethiopia
Varieties: 74110, 74112
Process: Extended Natural
Altitude: 2155 masl
Profile Roast: Filter

White Chocolate

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