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Rwanda Ripe Tomato


What? Tomato? Yes, you heard it right, a very sweet coffee, fruity, tropical, sugary, low-acid, and definitely refreshing. This coffee is also complex af, tart, tangy, acidic, old-fashioned, tomatoey, assertive, bold, citrus.

Beside Tomato, acidity of Red Berries such as Raspberry, Strawberry, and Redcurrants are blend together in it, creating even more balance sweetness and acidity.

Don't forget to enjoy the aroma of Butterscotch, Lemon , Cinnamon with a hint of Orange Blossom.

This is everything you could ask for from a well processed natural coffee from Rwanda.

A short introduction about this coffee’s origin, the Gitega Hill’s washing station is located in the Nyamagabe District of the southern province of Rwanda. It is located very close to Nyungwe Forest and the source of the River Nile. Bernard Uwitije, a local man, had been farming and trading coffee in a conventional way until, in 2015, he realised the potential for natural specialty grade coffee.

Origin : Gitega Hills, Nyamagabe, Rwanda
Altitude : 1650 MASL
Varietal : Red Bourbon
Process : Natural
Sourcing: Nordic Approach
Roasting Profile : Filter Roast

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