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Mossto Tilu 38

Longan, Vanilla Tea, Pineapple
Wet-hulling or giling basah is a traditional method of coffee processing used in Indonesia. This is mostly because the relative humidity in the air is too high to dry the beans enough before hulling them. Sometimes, wet-hull coffees are associated with earthy, spices, and inconsistent flavors. However, we have found that carefully processed wet-hulled coffees can show significant and vibrant fruit acidity, integrated with the wilder flavors imparted by the process itself. Strict and careful processing protocols can make it truly exotic. This coffee is a perfect example. We got this coffee from our partner processor from Pangalengan, Mr. Farhan. This is a micro-lot coffee sourced from a small area in his family-run farm.

A strict and careful protocol is not enough, so Mr. Farhan and his brother experimented with the fermentation process. They used the liquid produced by the fermentation of coffee in prior batches to help accelerate the fermentation process. This liquid is well known as mossto. The goal is to make coffee more complex as a final result. Ripe red cherries are handpicked, sorted and pulped then fermented with Mossto for 3 days. When the fermentation is complete, the coffees are dried and then hulled when they are at a moisture level of 25%. Last, the coffees are sun-dried to get a moisture level of 12%. This process added a new impression and flavor spectrum that we have never found in wet-hulled coffee before. No more earthy, spices and defective flavors.

This coffee is bursting with fruity flavor. It has sweetness and a slight acidity that is resembled to LONGAN, with vibrant PINEAPPLE notes when cooled. Enriched with the aroma and taste of VANILLA TEA throughout the cup. We are sure you will not get regular wet-hulled coffee. This coffee hits different.
Origin: Mount Tilu bloc 38, Pangalengan
Producer: Farhan
Altitude: 1350 masl
Varieties: Lini S & Ateng
Process: Wet Hulled - Mossto Fermentation
Roast Profile: Best for Filter

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