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Mokonisa Red Matcha

Honey Processed Ethiopian Coffee
Last year, we released coffee from Mokonisa washing station with strong Jasmine flavour. This year, coffee from this region got us quite surprised with dominant Matcha (green tea) flavour with sweet aromatic rosewater undertaste.

This washing station is owned by Israel Degfa which famous for its quality focused processing and honey processed so that it retains some of its cherry qualities without overpowering the final flavour.

It has unique set of flavours; Matcha, Rosewater, Ginger, Vanilla, Orange and Fresh Grape. If you enjoy last year's Mokonisa, we bet you will also enjoy this coffee.

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2000 m.a.s.l
Varietal: Certo & Wolisho (Native Heirloom)
Process: Honey
Roast profile: Filter

Tasting notes:
Matcha, Rosewater, Ginger, Vanilla, Orange and Fresh Grape

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