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Kenya Kiambu Berries

Kenyan coffee is one of the most expensive coffee in the world. For that reason, we rarely see roasters in Indonesia selling coffee from this region. Also, the flavour is very distinctive, making the people that is not used to this kind of taste hate it.

Our Kenyan coffee that we released so far was scored 85+, making this coffee very distinctive. What we just found out is that Kenyan coffee that scored less (around 80-85), is more favored over the higher scored one amongst coffee drinker in Indonesia. It's because while it still has this Kenyan unique characters, it's not that strong, making this coffee a very good "bridge" to make people get used to Kenyan coffee.
And also, we can sell this "lower scored" Kenya in a very economical price with a hope that more people can drink this coffee everyday. Enjoy it!
Origin: Kiambu, Kenya
Altitude: 1500-1700 MASL
Varietal: SL-28, SL-34
Process: Fully Washed
Roast profile: Filter

Tasting notes:
Black Cherry, Black Currant, Cola, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Pear, Hint of Lychee

IDR 135.000
Total amount: IDR 135.000
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