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Gayo Pineapple Juice

Intense Fruity Coffee from Indonesia Most Famous Coffee Origin
We love this natural process from Gayo, Aceh because it's so structured; combination of Gayo's boldness and extra sweetness from Natural Process, making this well-balanced coffee flavour so perfect.
This coffee produces super fruity coffee intense in tropical fruit flavours: Pineapple, Starfruit, Blood Orange, Banana with sweetness that resemblance Carrot and Caramel completes our Gayo collection. We suggest you try them all together so you can taste all possible flavours from famous Gayo region.

Origin: Gayo Highland, Central Aceh
Altitude: 1250 m.a.s.l
Varietal: Tim-tim & Bourbon
Process: Natural
Roast Profile: Filter

Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Starfruit, Blood Orange, Banana, Carrot, Caramel

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