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Gayo Black Tea

Wet hull is a common post-harvest processing method in Indonesia because it's practical and low-cost. It will be weird if we, as a roastery based in Indonesia, didn't have at least one kind of coffee processed with this method. But unfortunately, wet hull has a bad reputation in coffee industry because it usually produces unpleasant characteristics such as earthy, woody, tobacco, musty, cedar or even rubber and dirt-like with inconsistent flavours. With careful and strict processing protocols, actually this unpleasant characters can be minimized or even eliminated. Beautiful wet hull coffee can be really exotic: silky and bold body, smooth acidity with flavour like brown-sugar, apricot and black tea. So, it is our job to find wet-hulled coffee that has a lot of those good characteristics with as little as possible unpleasant characteristics.

After trying quite a lot of wet hull samples from different regions in Indonesia, we finally found one that met our standards. This coffee tastes like apricot, black tea with overall sweetness. We decided to call it Gayo Black Tea.

We hope that this coffee can be a daily "caffeine quencher" because this coffee is not only relatively economical, but also delicious, you won't get bored drinking it everyday. So, if you are looking for a coffee that you can drink everyday, say no more, this coffee's definitely for you.

Origin: Pegasing, Gayo, Aceh
Altitude: 1250 MASL
Varietal: Tim-Tim & Bourbon
Process: Wet Hull
Roast profile: Filter

Tasting notes:
Black Tea, Apricot, Overall Sweetness

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