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Common Space: Yes Peace

Common Grounds x Space Roastery: Yes Peace

Being helpful and supportive is really crucial in difficult times, especially as fellow local businesses. With many cafes and shops shuttering down during the pandemic, we can't imagine what would happen if coffee businesses instead choose to bring each other down.

With that being said, Space Roastery, Common Grouds and IIT Coffee would love to have other coffee businesses to take part in this project as well.

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What's inside:
500 grams of Kintamani Kamala roasted by Space Roastery
500 grams of Kintamani Senja roasted by Common Grounds
1 x Common Space Tote Bag
1 x Common Space Enamel Pin
1 x Space Roastery Stickers Set
1 x Common Grounds Stickers Set
1 x Personal Receipt by Mikael Jasin & Yoshua Tanu
50 x Placemat for Serving
Some stickers and card

Tasting notes:
Black (by Mikael Jasin)
Juicy Persimmon, Green Apple, Hibiscus

White (by Yoshua Tanu)
Banana Milk Tea, Butter Cookie, Cocoa Nibs

Beans nett weight: 1000 grams

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